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 It’s not easy being beautiful. As famed beauty Samantha Brick said, “other women hate you”, and that’s hard and stuff. But in our patriarchal, career-stifling hegemony not looking good can be even harder. Little wonder, then, that many choose to go down the route of cosmetic surgery. Let’s take a look at the evolution of this divisive topic. - (Credit to

Evolution of Cosmetic Surgery | Don’t Panic Magazine | Radar.



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Brand New Hoodies in addition to other creative products by yours truly. Its always nice to wear something that everyone doesnt have already. Check out these prices, Im happy to be able to sell my products that is affordable. Much love to my fans, fam and friends for your support!

Hoodies By Eleigh Koonce on

Hoodies By Eleigh Koonce on

If I could Only choose one music artist’s music to listen to for the rest of my life, it probably be Bjork. “Possibly Maybe” is possibly, maybe one of my favorite songs of hers. GH.

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