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Hey friends, family and fans! There’s free shipping till Sunday on every creative product of mine here —–> . I thank everyone for their support ahead of time, God bless!





Brand New Hoodies in addition to other creative products by yours truly. Its always nice to wear something that everyone doesnt have already. Check out these prices, Im happy to be able to sell my products that is affordable. Much love to my fans, fam and friends for your support!

Hoodies By Eleigh Koonce on

Hoodies By Eleigh Koonce on

This week Ive been working on a few projects; 2 commision pieces, album art and an original piece of mine with a different color scheme. Although Ive had these projects on my plate, I havent felt really, in the motion of creating any new original pieces.Maybe its, because the holidays, work stress, sleep pattern adjustments or just plain artist blahs. Anyways this evening, I made,myself spend a good 2~3 hours in my favorite section in the bookstore. You guessed it; the art section. I found quite a few old and new books on graphic design, fine art, street art and illustration. But tonight, in the midst of all the creative inspirational searching, I came upon Noil Klune, who kind of reminds me of myself, style wise.This artist stood out and thought you should take a look. I think im ready to create some new pieces and build a new bar of creative endeavors. 🙂