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Brand New Hoodies in addition to other creative products by yours truly. Its always nice to wear something that everyone doesnt have already. Check out these prices, Im happy to be able to sell my products that is affordable. Much love to my fans, fam and friends for your support!

Hoodies By Eleigh Koonce on

Hoodies By Eleigh Koonce on

Okay, I know “Fear Factor” wanted to come back with a big bang, but I think theyve kicked themselves in the a**. lol

\'Fear Factor\' -- NBC Debating Donkey Semen ... Episode in Jeopardy |

\'Fear Factor\' — NBC Debating Donkey Semen … Episode in Jeopardy |


Hello friends
Yes, It is I again.
I think i might be weird, cause i have somewhat of a unhealthy love for typefaces. I think its started when I hit my first year of working at my current job in print and media. I see this artform has historical, connecting between the creator, user and viewer. Theres a language being spoken within this over looked
media craft. It can say so many thing beyond what the words convey. Next time you create a business card, poster, a thank you card, type a letter, take a look at the whole piece of what youve created or have helped create. It says more to the eye than what is consciencely noticed.
Heres an article with a book that has exquisite typeface work and design.Check it out and see you on my next article posted.
Happy New Year and dont forget to LOVE. LIVE. CREATE.

Creative Review – The double life of a typeface.

Checkout my fanpage by clicking on this image to see all the places We would probably all love to travel to if some of us havent already!
Happy New Year!

iframe>Let helping one another be an all year action of love!