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Hello friends
Yes, It is I again.
I think i might be weird, cause i have somewhat of a unhealthy love for typefaces. I think its started when I hit my first year of working at my current job in print and media. I see this artform has historical, connecting between the creator, user and viewer. Theres a language being spoken within this over looked
media craft. It can say so many thing beyond what the words convey. Next time you create a business card, poster, a thank you card, type a letter, take a look at the whole piece of what youve created or have helped create. It says more to the eye than what is consciencely noticed.
Heres an article with a book that has exquisite typeface work and design.Check it out and see you on my next article posted.
Happy New Year and dont forget to LOVE. LIVE. CREATE.

Creative Review – The double life of a typeface.


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ASMP to Getty Photographers: Time to Bail.

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