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I’m tired and your tired of seeing the same old iPhone & IPod cases that everyone has, so I took it upon myself to put my art work on stuff for all of us. I didn’t expect it, but it has gotten pretty popular.
I know there’s a lot of other artist to choose from but it makes it a lot easier if there’s more original artist out there to help with have products we can buy without having to look like everyone else! Check out the goods here —>

Your Art friend who happens to be a blogger,
Eleigh K.
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If I could Only choose one music artist’s music to listen to for the rest of my life, it probably be Bjork. “Possibly Maybe” is possibly, maybe one of my favorite songs of hers. GH.

Okay, I know “Fear Factor” wanted to come back with a big bang, but I think theyve kicked themselves in the a**. lol

\'Fear Factor\' -- NBC Debating Donkey Semen ... Episode in Jeopardy |

\'Fear Factor\' — NBC Debating Donkey Semen … Episode in Jeopardy |