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We should remember how it was to not have a care in the world about how our creations look and LET GO!
Have you ever wanted to know, what a room would look like if we let several kids run rampid with colored stickered dots?
Yea, me either until now….
(captions following these photos are crdited to
Instead of cleaning up after they crayon the walls, why not see what happens if you hand the kids a few thousand colorful dots and let things evolve from there?
That is precisely what artist Yayoi Kusama did at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art – after he turned every last furnishing, fixture, wall and ceiling space in this faux living room into stark-white canvas to really let the subsequent work shine forth.

Incoming children were handed stickers and told to put them wherever they wanted – what unfolded is (surprisingly) almost more controlled than chaotic … at least up to a point. (Images by Mark Sherwood & Stuart Addelsee).

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