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Just wanted to say hi hehe, its my blog I can say what i want. Eye can even spEl tangS roNg iF eye WaNt.
Have A good Day!

one of my fav pictures of Bjork! "Volta"

Hey guys, wow its Feb already, cant believe it. Hope all is well and your year is starting better than you expected. If not my prayers go out to you that things will get better. Heres a new print available for several products, at affordable prices here at, along with some others 🙂

Free shipping on all my artwork at this website. That includes jackets and shirts, also ipod and iphone cases. Offer good through Sunday!




im not sure what i want to say or should say. Graffiti tags with the adrenaline rush cause the robot will do it for you. there thats my comment haha

SENSELESS DRAWING BOT from yang02 on Vimeo.